The Loving Monday ‘LM-10’ Development Model

Developing employee engagement is well proven to drive all aspects of business performance, from retention and absence rates, to increases in customer service, innovation and return on investment.

Whilst all that sounds wonderful, perhaps a greater reason to invest in developing employee engagament is that its the only investment you can make that will impact on all the other measures you currently use to measure your organisational performance and if you get it right its the only thing that will enable you to achieve the objectives that you’ve set for yourself.

The Loving Monday ‘LM-10’ Development Model includes all you need to understand, measure and develop employee engagement in your organisation. Its unique to us because it takes the level of experience we have to deliver and no one has more of that than we do, because no ones worked in the field for longer than we have.

How does it work?

The model works with the recognised drivers of employee engagement:


The programme will coach you and your business to develop the mind-set, knowledge and skill set you’ll need to shift performance. It will measure, demonstrate and develop the behavioural and operational changes you’ll need to drive engagement and measure its success by criteria that you’ll define.

Above all else it will make sure that you understand that to develop engagement you need to take the ‘employee’ out and put the ‘person’ back in and that people are engaged by one thing and one thing only and that’s another person.

We’ll help you to become that person and an organisation that understands that to developing employee engagement is all about ‘being’ engaging and not simply ‘doing’ engagement.


The Loving Monday 10 Stages of Engagement Model