When you speak what ‘voice’ do people hear?

Do you ever come away from a conversation thinking, well that wasn’t the response I was expecting? Do you ever find yourself listening to someone, summarising what they’ve said only to see a confused look on their face that clearly Learn more

What is leadership?

Such a simple question, and yet it continues to be talked about and divides opinion. Let’s start with what leadership is not… Leadership has nothing to do with seniority or position in the hierarchy of a company. Too many talk Learn more

Employee engagement and internal comms are not the same thing!

Recently, I was contacted by a head hunter from a recruitment agency asking if I was interested in a fabulous employee engagement role that he felt my experience would be perfect for etc, etc… So I said ‘well, tell me Learn more

Do your managers know what they’re doing?

Yes we did just ask that, not to be argumentative but because we think we need to as it’s something we often hear. Not because they’re underperforming but simply because they, like us all, need some help at times. Particularly Learn more

The engagement of your employees matters

It makes a difference to your organisation because it affects everything you do and everything you’re trying to do. Many businesses are currently feeling the pinch and experiencing significant challenges. Margins are being squeezed, customers are harder to find and Learn more

What’s the story?

That’s a question that we posed to the L&D team of one of our clients recently. We asked the question as it had been posed to us whilst we were delivering a programme for them. The story that the person Learn more