Peter Wakefield


Peter Wakefield, founder of Loving Monday, has over twenty years’ expertise in the measurement, education and linkage between employee engagement and business performance.

Peter was instrumental to the introduction and rise of employee engagement in the UK, project managing the first large-scale employee engagement programme in Europe in 1998. And managing the award winning programmes that proved the link between employee engagement and business performance for the first time in Europe in 2002 and in the third sector in 2013.

As owner of Loving Monday, he now uses this unrivaled experience in employee engagement to develop the capability and belief of managers and leaders passing on his unique take on what it takes to engage employees nationally and internationally. Peter also uses his experience to develop the next generation of leaders delivering lectures on employee engagement at universities and conferences.

Peter’s experience led him to develop Loving Monday’s model, ‘The DNA of Engagement’, that focuses on the inputs needed to engage others, that engagement is all about behavior and that there is no formula that can ‘engage’, only people that we can be ‘engaged’ by.

Peter believes that ‘engagement’ is simple, easy, but sadly not common and uses his insight, experience and talent to help others to find the skills, knowledge and confidence to take the ’employee’ out and put the ‘person’ back in. Peter helps individuals and organisations understand that to truly engage others our focus should be on ‘being’ engaging and not simply ‘doing’ engagement.




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