About Us


Founded by employee engagement expert Peter Wakefield, Loving Monday is a passionate and experienced team of people who’ve worked both with and alongside some of the world’s leading organisations in the field of employee engagement.

We’ve spent the last twenty years working in partnership with some great people and building what we feel, is a unique insight into what it takes to engage employees.

We’ve had a lot of success – from managing the first large-scale employee engagement programme in Europe, to proving for the first time (and continuing to prove) that engagement links to business and financial performance.

We’ve created change, driven measurable improvements in performance and had our customers tell us we’ve transformed their businesses. We’ve supported organisations and individuals across various sectors to achieve more, save more, and learn more in order to grow and develop.

Over the years we’ve learnt a lot. Ironically, the biggest lesson we’ve learnt working with employee engagement is that ‘employee engagement’ is not just about employees.

We’ve learnt that people focus too much on the word ‘employee’ and not enough on the word ‘engagement’. We’ve learnt that what it takes to engage an ‘employee’ is no different to what it takes to engage you and I, in any situation, whether at work or not.

We believe engagement is all about behaviour:

  • Behaviour between two people
  • Behaviour that encourages conversation
  • Behaviour delivered with emotional intelligence
  • Behaviour that builds trust and strengthens relationships
  • Behaviour delivered by people that recognise that the environment they’re in has an impact

In short, behaviour that recognises that you, we, and everyone else are individual and unique. There is no formula that will ‘engage’ us, only people that we can be ‘engaged’ by: we can help you to become that person.

At Loving Monday it’s this belief that drives everything we do, we call it the ‘DNA of engagement’.

We use this ‘DNA’ to measure engagement and culture. To provide coaching for executives, managers and leaders and to provide learning and development at all levels. It forms the core of any performance measurement, recognition and organisational development programmes we deliver and how we develop them.

We believe that ‘engagement’ is simple, easy, but sadly not common. We know that we can support individuals and organisations to challenge, develop and measure their own behaviour. Helping you to find the skills, knowledge and confidence to take the ‘employee’ out and put the ‘person’ back in.



Highly engaged employees are 100% more committed to helping their company succeed


Highly engaged employees are 100% more likely to recommend improvements


94% of top companies agree engaging their employees has created a competitive advantage


87% of executives recognise that disengaged employees are the biggest threat to their business

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