Loving Monday challenges, develops and measures behaviour in both individuals and organisations. To create conversation, build trust and drive engagement, ensuring the relationships with both your employees and customers deliver their potential.

Employee Engagement Consultancy

Loving Monday is a passionate and experienced team of people who’ve worked both with and alongside some of the world’s leading organisations in the field of employee engagement.

We’ve spent the last twenty years working in partnership with some great people and building what we feel, is a unique insight into what it takes to engage employees.

We’ve had a lot of success – from managing the first large-scale employee engagement programme in Europe, to proving for the first time (and continuing to prove) that engagement links to business and financial performance.

We’ve created change, driven measurable improvements in performance and had our customers tell us we’ve transformed their businesses. We’ve supported organisations and individuals across various sectors to achieve more, save more, and learn more in order to grow and develop.

The Loving Monday ‘DNA of Engagement’

We believe engagement is all about behaviour, that there is no formula that can ‘engage’ us, only people that we can be ‘engaged’ by. At Loving Monday it’s this belief that drives everything we do, we call it the ‘DNA of Engagement’. The people that can engage others are the people that understand the ‘DNA of Engagement’.


Loving Monday utilise our DNA methodology to provide tailored services that cover the following areas –

  • Employee Engagement

    It’s the core of everything we do. We’ve been doing it, measuring it and proving its impact for long enough now to know that it affects everything. We work with organisations that are already aware of it and organisations that aren’t. Either way it’s where we would begin our conversation with you.

  • Organisational Development

    As well as developing people we do a lot of work developing organisations. We work in a number of areas from recognition and reward, performance measurement, business strategy and more. Our aim is to always ensure that things are joined up so that the values on your wall are the values you deliver.

  • Management Development

    Managers have the greatest impact on engagement so this is where we spend most of our time. Management can be both simple and complicated so we find that it helps to give managers the tools, understanding and confidence to be themselves and to deliver the behavior needed to do it well.

  • Coaching and Mentoring

    Coaching and mentoring are different things but share the fact that they’re both at their best when tailored to the needs of each individual. We are qualified in both and specialise in the emotional intelligence needed to drive engagement. We work with executives, leaders and managers helping them to understand and deliver their potential.

  • VoicePrint Coaching

    VoicePrint is a personal profiling tool that lets you visualise and understand the way you talk, how you’re heard by others, the impact that you have and your ability to engage. Find Out More

“Loving Monday was instrumental in raising the importance of people engagement at B&Q. What was once a fringe topic became a high priority based on their ability to communicate at all levels in the business, helping people understand the vital link between business management and the need to have an engaged workforce. I am sure B&Q’s ongoing success and year on year improvement in engagement results is due to the skill and passion of Loving Monday”

“Loving Monday successfully implemented our ‘Values Survey’ including researching partner, methodology, question set, operational rollout, training and communication plans. This provided directors with tactical information on the levels of employee engagement across their business area to focus management development, business priority and budgetary spend”

“We worked with Loving Monday for 5 years and they continuously demonstrated energy and passion for developing Radian into an engaging, high-performing, organisation. We increased our staff engagement year on year from 58% to 82%. They were instrumental to this achievement, as well as the development of Radian's L&D strategy and the introduction of a series of rewards tools. Loving Monday have an exceptional ability to manage culture change and an infectious enthusiasm, I highly recommend them”

"We have used Loving Monday to help get us started on our employee engagement journey with resounding success. They began with helping us to understand the impact, benefits and commitment levels needed as an organisation, built a project plan and got senior level buy-in. They helped us to train, coach and create confidence in our leaders and managers, helping them to understand the impact they have on engagement levels. Most recently, they have helped us enable our managers to create action plans from our very first set of engagement data”

“We worked with Loving Monday in the area of people development at Anchor Trust when we were looking to dramatically change our approach to learning and development, specifically in the area of customer service. They quickly got to grips with the bigger picture and strategic direction that was needed and were instrumental in highlighting what was required to take us to the next phase. I really enjoyed working with Loving Monday - we shared experiences of blue chip customer service and relished the challenge of transferring this into a not-for-profit organisation. Loving Monday are passionate about service and are able to translate this into practical ideas and solutions”

“Loving Monday delivered an engagement survey for all our employees which provided us with invaluable information, helped us prioritise our investment in our teams saving us time and money. Perhaps more importantly they helped us understand that we all have a role to play in engagement, that its something we can all do and that it’s the simple stuff that makes the biggest difference”

Other organisations we’ve worked with

  • Manhattan Associates

  • SAS

  • NHS

  • Tui

  • Volks Wagon

  • NFU Mutual

  • Investors in People

  • London Stock Exchange

  • CMA Recruitment

  • Outcomes First

  • Victory Housing Trust

  • Crimson & Co


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